Glasgow Memory Clinic




Glasgow Memory Clinic is an Independent Research Organisation engaging in National and International research studies that seek to find better treatments for those with memory impairment, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. They are one of the leading centres in Europe engaged in evaluating potential new medicines for these conditions.

They have a dedicated facility within the West of Scotland Science Park and their staff are experienced healthcare professionals who have now dedicated their time to this important research. People from all over Scotland and beyond attend the clinic to participate in the various research studies and the clinic is well renowned for their high standard of care and service for all visitors and participants.

Back in 2017 when Glasgow Memory Clinic approached fatBuzz, they relied on traditional marketing such as print, TV and radio adverts but had no social media or online advertising presence to help recruit volunteers for their clinical trials. We have worked with GMC for over 3 years now to help develop their online presence and have assisted with all services across the business with Marketing, Graphic Design and Website Design and Development.

Our in-house team of Developers consistently provide web support and maintenance to ensure a great user experience whilst spotting opportunities for improvements and changes to support the company’s objectives.

Facebook advertising has been at the core of GMC marketing activity, achieving a 71.48% increase in website traffic from Facebook alone in the last year.

Email marketing has also been a key channel to keep their database up to date with their latest developments and updates Through this, we have also achieved an average open rate of 84.09% compared to the 20% industry average.

Our work with GMC has also included various copywriting pieces focusing on clinic updates and news and the issues surrounding Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

In addition to digital marketing, we have also provided various print collateral for GMC, including:


Alzheimer and Fleming: Observations in Time

The Inspiration of Albert Enz


You can find out more about Glasgow Memory Clinic and their services on their website here.