Our Culture

We not only have the collective experience and knowhow to consistently meet the demands of modern marketing, we also have a fun and unique personality which makes us stand out from the crowd.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

fatBuzz truly believes in giving something back, it is at the heart of what we do, perhaps too much so at times!

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is not simply an ideal we would like to achieve, we pride ourselves on helping others whenever we can.

Our Team

fatBuzz is home to a group of creative and innovative individuals that make up a great team. Click on a photo below to find out for yourself.

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Meet the fatBuzz team

Gordon White - Managing Director

A little about Gordon...

As MD, I do everything from making the tea to walking the dog.  In between these important tasks I focus on business planning, personal development, team building and generally raising awareness.  I also run and present at the monthly fatBuzz New Media Breakfast sessions in Glasgow and Edinburgh, something I’ve been doing for almost 11 years now.

Get in touch with Gordon...

Email: gordon@fatbuzz.com
Telephone: 0141 427 0727

Connect with me
The best thing about working at fatBuzz is...
Variety - No two days are the same. In fact, no two hours are the same.
When I was younger, I wanted to be...
Older. Now I want to be younger!
If I had a fantasy dinner party, I would invite...
A Chef. Then, Tiger Woods, LeRoy Neiman, Tommy Cooper and Elvis Presley .

Marion White MBE - Director

A little about Marion...

Initially, I trained in hotel management and travelled throughout the world with my job at Glasgow Tourist Board. I then gave this up when I had my 3 children, then moved to work with Gordon.

At fatBuzz, I’m known for dealing with the finances for staff and suppliers. I’m also the person who people come to before they approach Gordon with an idea. For some reason, they think I’ll know how he’ll react!

Get in touch with Marion...

Email: marion@fatbuzz.com
Telephone: 0141 427 0727

At fatBuzz, I'm known for...
chasing money to make sure everyone gets paid
My favourite quote is...
"Treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself. Remember that people you meet on the way up are the same as you meet on the way down"
You would never believe me if I told you I...
was a tennis champion
What makes you happy?
My family, Buzz and the odd wee trip to Spain
Who is your inspiration?
My Dad - he taught me to work hard and always give something back. My favourite quote came from him.

Kenny MacMillan - Head of Design

A little about Kenny...

As one of the older members of the fatBuzz team, I appreciate all the various skill sets of our talented staff.

Get in touch with Kenny...

Email: kenny@fatbuzz.com
Telephone: 0141 427 0727

At fatBuzz, I'm known for...
being the go-to person for everything!
My favourite quote is...
You're here for a good time, not a long time!
Don't tell anyone, but my guilty pleasure is...
actually enjoying coming to work
You would never believe me if I told you I...
once worked on an oil rig near Abu Dhabi
What makes you happy?
Sitting out in the sun having a bite to eat and a glass of wine

Mary-Julie McNally - Head of Marketing