World emoji day: let’s celebrate our universal language!

In a time where almost every day seems to be a new unheard-of celebration (World Milk Day, National Wine Day… really?) you are probably not surprised to find out that today is World Emoji Day! Emojis have come a long way since they were designed in 1999 and have become a default form of expression for many millennials, crossing the boundaries of the written language. Currently, over 6 Billion emojis are sent every day and have become a part of everyday life for most of us. 

Currently, over 722 emoji characters are available, with Apple unveiling its latest emoji releases earlier today! See a sneak preview of the newcomers here: which Apple and Android will roll out onto devices through software updates in the next few months. 

Emojis may be our universal language, but there can often be a lot of confusion to what some of them mean. Take a look at what we have voted to be our top most misinterpreted emojis: 



What we think it means:  Smug 

What it really means: A moon with a face, hiding in shadow.  



What we think it means: Shocked  

What it really means: A screaming face holding the jaw and cheeks in fear. 



What we think it means: Devil 

What it really means: A Japanese ogre 



What we think it means: Face palm 

What it really means: See no evil 



What we think it means: High five 

What it really means: Praying hands 



What we think it means: Sassy 

What it really means: Information desk person 



What we think it means: Jazz Hands 

What it really means: Happy face with hugging hands 


Which emoji is your ultimate favourite? Which one helps you communicate when words fail you? Which one have you been using wrong this whole time?