Why having Website Maintenance Matters

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Earlier this week, a critical vulnerability was discovered in WooCommerce – news that might go undetected in most circles. While the WooCommerce team quickly created and rolled out a ‘patch’ to fix the problem for vulnerable websites, it is also important to ensure that your site is running the most recent version of the software at all times.

The fix from WooCommerce is part of an automatic update, however, sites can fail to automatically update for a number of reasons such as running an old version of WooCommerce, automatic updates being disabled or other extensions preventing the update. This means without proper maintenance or understanding of web development, a site could remain exposed to risk.

The severity of a website vulnerability can vary, but in the issue found this week it is possible that compromised data could include order, customer, and administrative information.

How Website Support and Maintenance can help:

For most businesses, their website is a critical tool and uninterrupted access is vital.  The website is your shop window, clients and consumers will visit your site for all manner of reasons, and at all times of the day.  So, it must be fully operable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. 

Regardless of the complexity of your site, it will require updates and our full-time team of developers will keep your website running smoothly on our maintenance contracts. fatBuzz offer a comprehensive web maintenance and support service to ensure the integrity of your website is maintained at all times. 

How fatBuzz handled the WooCommerce issue:

When the fatBuzz web development team was notified of this issue by WooCommerce, they immediately took action. For any of our web support and maintenance clients who might have been affected, we took backups of their websites, updated all of their plugins, and tested them afterward. In less than 12 hours, we were able to ensure all of our clients were safe again.

If your business doesn’t have a development staff on hand, it can take much longer for these issues to be resolved, leaving a website and private data vulnerable. If inexperienced staff attempt to fix a problem, they can accidentally end up breaking other aspects of the site in the process or even crash the whole website. Having access to our team on a maintenance contact allows businesses to relax, knowing that their website will be taken care of quickly and correctly.

If you need help with managing your website the team at fatBuzz is here to help. Get in touch with us today to enquire about our web development and maintenance services.

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