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Have you ever wondered who’s been on your company website, how they got there, where they’re coming from or even how long they’ve been looking at your website? With Lead Forensics, put your inquisitiveness aside and let real statistical data about your prospects, in real time, do the talking. Lead Forensics can identify the full contact information of every visitor including company name, telephone number, address, web address and more, even if they haven’t contacted you or made an enquiry. So how does Lead Forensics work and how can it help you?


Imagine this. You’re a coffee supplier and unknown to you, “Cafe A” has spent time on your “coffee range” page on your website looking at your “1kg bag of dark espresso beans”. They’ve left without making a purchase, but you need to hit your associated sales targets for “1kg bag of dark espresso beans”. How can you maximize your chances of winning a sale from this unknown lead back to your business page? With Lead Forensics, as well as rapidly identifying the company that’s visited your site, you can access the list of key names, job titles and email addresses from the businesses that visit your site. This means you can contact the key decision maker directly and remind them the “1kg bags of dark espresso beans” you have to offer. Deal closed. It’s as simple as that.


The Lead Forensics tool is so easy to use: you can prioritise the hottest leads coming to your website, define your own criteria of high value leads and then automate them straight to your chosen reps inbox. By using this system, your sales teams will become more empowered and engaged in securing the sale, as they’ll have full visibility of every prospects journey and act accordingly to keep competition at bay.


As a result, not only is your sales funnel transformed and ROI maximised, your staff become more engaged in helping you secure those leads into sales. We had the pleasure of welcoming Michael Graham, Business Development Partner, who spoke about the wonders of lead generation and how Lead Forensics can help provide you with real insight into your real prospects and how to target them best. Check out what he has to say in the video below:


Lead Forensics : from fatBuzz on Vimeo.


If you’re interested in the Lead Forensics lead generation software, please contact kyle@fatbuzz.com for your free trial.


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