This truly is social media on the move…

Yesterday Gordon White and Graeme Geddes visited a new client to get them started on their social media journey; the journey to see them was some 180 miles from our office so we were going to be 3+ hours each way in the car.  Not being ones to waste time, we decided to create some engagement on the fatBuzz Facebook page – here’s what we did and how it all turned out.

Firstly, we recorded a short AudioBoo and published it on, Facebook, Twitter and iTunes, we did this using my iPhone (and Graeme held it while I drove!).  You can listen to the recording below but the message basically informed people we were starting a journey of around 175 miles and could anyone guess where we were going.  

To provide clues we posted pictures of well known landmarks along the route via our fatBuzz Instagram account.

You can see the various screenshots from the journey at the bottom of this post.

Everything was going fine until we moved out of 3G range between Perth and Inverness however, we did catch up with all of the posts when we arrived at our destination – Eagle Consulting in Inverness.

Like we do with all new clients, we were visiting Eagle Consulting to get to know the business and the people.  And, to discuss the aims and objectives with some of the key personnel.  It was a very productive day indeed and we left with a clear understanding of the business and, we were extremely well fed too – the hospitality in the North really is quite exceptional!

We were delighted with the outcome of our little social media experiment – you can see on the screenshots just how many people were reached by the various posts and we reckon we around 17 people engaged with the Facebook page…while we were sitting in the car!

What was the point in this exercise?

Firstly, it served as a good and timely demonstration to Eagle Consulting about what can be achieved when you have a relevant community.  Secondly, it passed the time.  Thirdly, it reminded people we’re here.  Consider how many times have you heard a statement similar to the following, “Someone mentioned your name earlier and it reminded me I need to have a chat to you”.  You never know who might call us today!

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