Social Media Podcast Episode 73 – Up or Down Periscope?

In Social Media Podcast 73, Gordon hands over hosting duties to fatBuzz account managers Liam Cutkelvin and Cameron Wilson, as they discuss the latest news and topics in social media.In this episode we discuss the latest new social media app Periscope and share our thoughts whether does it merit being heralded as the next big thing in social media. We also discuss its potential for businesses and coin the phrase “scoping”…As always we bring you some of the best news from the world of social media. Including the latest rumours circulating around Google’s potential acquisition of Twitter, will the tech giant finally have it’s jewel in the social media crown? We also discuss the latest reports detailing how teens are abandoning Facebook in favour of other platforms, as well as one recent viral sensation that begs the question – how do you deal with annoying serial posts on Facebook? Here are the main topics and links relating to them from this episode:

  • 01.03 – Rumors that Google are planning to buy Twitter – Further reading
  • 09.01 – New mother receives letter attacking her for constant baby posts on Facebook, too far or representing frustrations of many boiling over? – Further reading
  • 14.41 – New report details that more young people really are ditching Facebook because of Mum and Dad, should brands do the same? – Further reading
  • 29.09 – Main discussion – Periscope – the next big thing? – Further reading
  • How Periscope works – Further reading
  • Copyright issues have already been raised – Further reading
  • How can your business utilise Periscope? – Further reading

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