Meilee Anderson explains a high level of engagement on Facebook

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In Social Media Podcast Edition No.63, Gordon White chats to Meilee Anderson, Sales & Marketing Director at the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad in Washington. 

Meilee is a regular contributor to the Social Media Podcast who keeps us up to date with social media related news stories from the USA.  We thought it would be good to catch up with Meilee to find out more about her own role.

Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad is a non profit tourist attraction primarily operating in the Spring and Summer with some special events at key times of the year.  One of the things we were keen to discuss with Meilee is the high level of engagement the Facebook page achieves, even when the railroad isn’t operating.

During the discussion Meilee is very generous in sharing what she does to engage her fans and how she engages people on Facebook.

However, it’s not all about Facebook and Meilee is happy to chat through some of the other things they are doing, these include:

  • Pinterest and Instagram – Meilee’s pleasure at the way these platforms have fitted into her marketing activities
  • Pete Waterman’s London & North Western Railway Heritage Company – Might he make a good guest blogger?
  • Blogging – The importance of creating a platform you own and control
  • Influence Marketing – Why Meilee thinks politicians and elected officials may by useful allies
  • WhatsApp – What’s the chat in the USA?
  • Facebook Reach – Why it’s going to get even more challenging to achieve a good reach for your content on Facebook
  • The Voice USA – How the hit TV show is using Twitter on screen during the show
Some relevant Links:

Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad on Facebook
Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad web site
Meilee Anderson on LinkedIn
Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad on Twitter
Mt Rainer Scenic Railroad on Instagram
Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad on Pinterest

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