Social Media and Content – The Perfect Pairing

This Valentine’s Day, forget about roses or tweeting sweet nothings to your customers. Social media and content are the perfect pairing and if you get the connection right, they can lead to great things like improved brand reputation, increased product reach, and maybe even attracting your target market to your product.

So, stop picking the petals off the daisies to find out if your customers love you or not, and instead make use of digital marketing’s romantic heroes: social media and content.


Break the ice with your brand profile

Customers today want to know that brands are reachable, and the best way to do this is through social media. By having a presence and putting out relevant content, you will increase your brand profile and reputation. Appeal to the rapid changing nature of social media by creating content which complements current and appropriate trends.

More than this, in the latter half of 2015, Google updated its search algorithm to include live tweets in results. This means that if you have an active social media presence and tweet about the things relevant to your industry and projects, your SEO will naturally improve.

Woo your target audience

Thanks to vastly improved analytics now available on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it’s easier to see how well your social strategy is performing, and what users are enjoying. This then helps mould your content strategy by offering insight as to what content works well with your audience, be that a blog, a video or an ad campaign. Content is only great if people can see it and appreciate its greatness.

If there are certain Facebook posts or Tweets which are reaching more people and getting an increasing number of engagements, then it’s time to utilise that to woo your audience into sticking around and buying into your product or service.

Make plans to watch the relationship flourish

Content and social media work fantastically together, there’s no doubt about that. However, in order to make the most of this great pairing you’ll need to make a content plan. Decide what content you want to push, be it press releases, brand news or blogs based on topics your audience finds interesting. Then, using social media analytics, work out the best time to distribute your content to the audiences on each platform and create a plan or calendar of how your content will plan out. Only then will you be able to watch the social media and content relationship flourish, whilst you reap the benefits!

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