What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising a website for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, & Bing and thus improve its search engine rankings.

What is a search engine?

Search engines are machines that try to discover all available webpages on the web using web crawlers, indexing them in their catalogues and delivering the most relevant results to the search queries of users. Search engines use algorithms to determine which are the most relevant results in a query, using what are called ‘signals’. They try to simulate what a human would find important, such as quality of content, relevance to the query, authority of the website, security, etc. SEO attempts to comply with all the signals that would make a website relevant to the search engines but also to the users. It is not enough to just rank in search engines, there must be a usability to the visitor in order to accomplish the goals of the website, which may be sales, brand awareness, building of authority.

Why use SEO?

Although the main objective is to improve the position of the website in search engine rankings when visitors search related keyword terms, there are additional benefits that derive from the application of SEO.

  • Improvement of website traffic
  • Better conversion rates
  • Detailed data analytics
  • More user friendly
  • Increased brand awareness


SEO in fatBuzz

We have experience in Local SEO for local businesses such as in Glasgow and Edinburgh but also with larger organisations offering services on a national or international level. Because we also offer a full range of marketing and design services, we can integrate our SEO plan in a seamless manner.


Our SEO services

  • SEO Audit and Organic Search Report – This is the first step in analysing the website and its organic traffic and finding any technical issues that may hinder its growth.
  • Competitor Analysis – Analysis of your search competitors (as opposed to physical competitors), what kind of websites they have, what are their most popular pages, for which keywords they are ranking and their backlink profile. This would help detect what they are doing well, what are the opportunities for you, what kind of backlinks we should be aiming to achieve.
  • Backlink Profile Analysis – A more detailed analysis of your current backlink profile and suggestions about increasing the number of backlinks from authoritative sites. Links from other websites are the most important signals in the eyes of search engines as they reveal how trusted you are and relevant to a specific topic.
  • Content Analysis – What is your current content profile and site structure and suggestions of how to optimise it for search engines but also for user experience. The content and how it is linked internally in the website is the second most important signal that search engines take into account in ranking websites.
  • Keyword Analysis – The analysis identifies the keywords you should be focusing on, based on search competition and volume. This then assists your content marketing because it will highlight relevant keywords, phrases and even content topics that may feature in your future content creation and marketing activity.
  • SEO Strategy Plan – Based on the above, we would formulate the strategy identifying how we will improve the SEO of your website in the coming months.
  • SEO Application – The actions for improving the SEO factors that have been identified during the analysis are normally carried out on a monthly retainer basis.


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