Highlighting the value of your goods and services to your target audience.

Marketing has changed dramatically; new media has disrupted traditional marketing techniques and changed the sales landscape forever.  We are now in an age when we must invest in Content and earn our space in an increasingly crowded and noisy arena.

We must also accept the fact that our brands are no longer what we say they are, they are what our customers say they are.  Everyone is a publisher, and as such, everyone can have a say in what your brand is and what it means to them.  Marketing is about brand journalism, but it’s not just about what we write, it’s also about what our customers and clients write.

Shaping these conversations and encouraging positive engagement is a real challenge – one with which fatBuzz assists many brands and businesses.

Whilst it is social media that has changed the face of marketing, it’s not all about online marketing; traditional marketing is as important now as it ever was.  Brands must adopt an integrated approach to marketing and ensure their online and offline activities complement each other and work together.

This is an age when no business can survive with one or the other, neither can they survive with an online and an offline strategy – it must be an integrated approach.  With over 28 years experience in marketing, fatBuzz assists brands and businesses to create and maintain integrated marketing strategies that highlight the value of their products or services to their target audience.

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