Kilbryde Hospice: Changing Lives in South Lanarkshire

Kilbryde Hospice is the chosen charity for our 29 for 29 on 29 fundraising event at the end of this month. Of the charities fatBuzz has worked with over the years, Kilbryde was a standout choice for this event for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the hospice was built solely on donations, and now that the facility treats day patients, there are huge ongoing running costs involved with not only this, but also running the hospice as an inpatient facility. The hospice itself is more than an end of life care facility, offering day services and support for those still at home which is something that is desperately needed in the local community.

Their Care @ Home Project offers palliative care support to those in the local community affected by cancer, Motor Neurone Disease, Huntington’s Disease, MS, COPD and heart failure. The service operates Monday to Friday and can include 1:1 nurse support, volunteer befriending, complementary therapists and ongoing support.

A number of day services are also available including outpatient clinics, palliative care consultant clinics, complementary therapies and a drop in service, with the inpatient facility expected to be fully functional by this summer.

The charity is also particularly close to our hearts at fatBuzz, with Director Marion White holding a personal connection to the charity. Marion has been involved in a number of charities for many years, one of which is the Donna Mortimer Ballantyne Trust. Donna was a friend of Marion’s, and one of her wishes before passing away was to see the Kilbryde Hospice facility built. As a result, Marion and the team at the Donna Mortimer Ballantyne Trust have been fundraising with an annual ball and other events, in order to help raise enough funds to open the hospice.

Now the hospice has opened and started treating patients, this is just the beginning. At fatBuzz we are happy to help support the maintenance of this fantastic palliative healthcare facility in South Lanarkshire by holding our 29 for 29 on 29 event. Here we are using the extra day of the year to donate our time to charity, and are asking for you to make a donation to Kilbryde Hospice in return for a fatBuzz bear and a visit from us. You can read more about the event here.