Welcome aboard James Gibb!

We are pleased to announce that we are working alongside James Gibb residential factors, renowned property management company with 140 years industry experience.

James Gibb has undergone some changes over the years and has come a long way since John Gibb opened the doors in 1872, providing a home letting service as well as joinery and funeral services in Edinburgh. Since its acquisition in 2012, James Gibb Residential factors has grown with offices now in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, managing and maintaining all the associated common areas of residential buildings and developments.

As part of the continual growth and improvement of the company, James Gibb Residential Factors has sought the marketing services of fatBuzz. With no existing presence on social media, we are challenged with bringing the brand online and into the 21st century world of paperless billing and factoring apps.

With a recently redesigned website and customer app launched in the last year, the company aims to make the transition into the digital world, bringing benefits for both James Gibb and its customers. As part of this, fatBuzz has devised a marketing strategy which focuses on encouraging existing customers to go paperless, whilst educating and assisting new customers in the practice of online correspondence and payments. When successfully implemented, our marketing efforts could prove cost-neutral to James Gibb, in line with the savings they will make from their currently huge printing costs.

We will be working across the marketing mix, incorporating content marketing with video, social media and advertising to help James Gibb Residential Factors increase awareness and achieve their goals.