Introducing our Summer Intern – Marc Wright

I’m Marc and last month the fatBuzz team welcomed me on board for the summer as a marketing intern. I’m currently a student at The University of Strathclyde and in September I’ll be starting my 3rd year of an integrated Masters Degree in International Business and Modern Languages. I have a passion for learning new languages and about the cultures they stem from and I hope to use this in my future career. I’m very interested in creative industries and I’m excited to have the opportunity to work on the accounts of many of fatBuzz’s social media and design-based clients as well as gaining an understanding of a range of other industries.marc


I have very much enjoyed studying the theoretical side of marketing for the past two years and am now keen to learn more and get a better understanding of the practical side. I’m particularly interested in social media, today it is an invaluable tool that every business has access to. I’m grateful to have this opportunity to learn more about the many different ways in which it can be utilised to help businesses grow and expand their audience from such a dedicated marketing team.  Having a few years of experience working for a couple of different retail chains I understand the importance of and am passionate about providing quality customer service and engaging with customers which is something that social media allows companies to do on a huge scale.


Further to this, I’m excited to have the opportunity to learn more about more traditional advertising which remains just as important as ever, even with the creation of social media. Also, having the opportunity to shadow the design team and understand more about everything from branding to print management to web design and development will give me a much better knowledge of the more creative side of marketing which, until now, I have had little experience with. This is something which I know will interest me, we all experience brands every day and I’m keen to see the creative process of designing a brand from the very beginning.


I know that this experience, working with fatBuzz, will set me off on the right path for my future career in marketing and am eager to learn more about the company and their clients over the coming weeks.