My First Month at fatBuzz – Jessica Mawer

My first month at fatBuzz has literally been buzzing! From getting to know our clients to brainstorming engaging content ideas to understanding the finer details of online marketing tools, it has been a busy one for me in the fatBuzz office.

I graduated University in the summer of 2016 and was thrilled to have landed my first role in marketing at fatBuzz. After studying hard to achieve my First Class degree, it was time to complement my grades with vital marketing experience. University was great for providing a general understanding of marketing but fatBuzz have provided a platform for me to become more creative in my marketing ideas and implement them through the most effective channels. So far I have written blogs for a variety of clients, managed various online channels, conducted market research, met clients and participated in meetings, generated analysis reports and more! In addition, I have already been given the opportunity to work alongside Caitlin on a brand new client which is very exciting. Thrown into the deep end, but I am ready for a challenge and I know I have the support from the amazing fatBuzz team throughout this exciting learning process.

What I really enjoy about working at fatBuzz is that each day presents itself with new challenges and new ideas, no two days are the same. I get to work with a variety of clients from the coffee industry to the construction industry and it allows me to generate a deeper understanding as to how content can be effectively utilised within different industries. I’d say my biggest challenge is sitting at a desk for 7 hours! Prior to this role I worked as a Fitness Instructor in my local gym so I was always on my feet or doing burpees! However, my experience with fatBuzz is proving already to be a solid foundation for my career in marketing and I am not missing those burpees at all.

One month in, and I’m already looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings for me at fatBuzz.

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