Facebook’s Slingshot might cause problems for those with social media prenups’

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In Social Media Podcast Edition No.65 the fatBuzz team is back for some chat and light hearted banter around the world of social media.  This time we have Gordon WhiteGraeme Geddes, Cameron Wilson, and Kenny MacMillan

Once again, Meilee Anderson has some useful contributions from America and we are grateful to her for keeping us informed about what’s happening in the USA.

This podcast was recorded at the height of the first round matches of the World Cup in Brazil, so we take a look at some of the social media and what some people have being doing to tap into the global popularity of the event.  During the conversation we mention a map showing Twitter activity during the USA vs Ghana match, here is that map, it is quite fascinating to watch.

Read the whole Daily Mail article about the USA’s interest in this game, and the World Cup in general, in the Daily Mail Article… Here 

There has been a lot going on since the last podcast and we get through lots of other topics, here’s some of the things we discuss in No.65 with the links we promise on the podcast.

During the podcast I also refer to a video whilst talking about people’s reaction to Facebook’s outage which I promised to add a link to, here it is:

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Play the podcast here:


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