A Design For Life – How to choose a new website for your business

In a rapidly changing digital world, there’s unfortunately no such thing as a design for life. You only have to look at huge websites like Amazon or social media platforms like Facebook to see just how much web design has changed over the last decade.

Whilst it may not benefit you to keep the same web design forever, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow which will allow you to maximise the potential returns from a new website. Here are just a few things to consider when deciding on a new website for your business:

The overall website aim

If you don’t have an aim, then you won’t know what elements will allow your website to reach its full potential. Not every business will have the same aims for their website but you’ll need to decide what it is you want people to get from it before you start creating it. Whether you want to offer a product, service or simply provide people with more information or awareness, you need to make this clear initially so this can be best presented in your final design.

Your business objectives

Your website should help you work towards achieving your overall business objectives, or at the very least your digital goals. For instance, if one of your objectives is to increase sales by a set margin, you can utilise your website design to help you achieve this. Your website can then be designed to make it as efficient as possible for visitors to make a purchase.

Visitor experience

No matter your aims or objectives, you must consider your visitor experience when planning a web redesign or new website. Put yourself in the customer/client’s shoes and ask yourself if the information makes sense, is clear and if the journey is straightforward and efficient. For instance, if you have a complicated navigation system, the chances are your visitors could get lost trying to find the information they are looking for. Similarly, if it takes too many steps to get from the site to the completion of a transaction, customers may be put off purchasing here.

Your USP

The most crucial thing to any business is your unique selling point. What makes you different to competitors? In terms of web design, you’ll find that many businesses in the same industries will opt for a similar sort of web layout. Whilst it’s true that this may be the most appealing and effective way to present your product online in that industry, you will still need to stand out so that you are memorable and have visitors sticking around. Your USP is ultimately what adds value to your product or service so this needs to come across in your design.

As long as you are continuously focusing on the above main points, your website should be able to achieve its aims and generate some more leads if not conversions for you. Whilst the overall look and layout may change over time, keeping these core elements at the forefront of your website should prove fruitful.

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