5 Reasons why you should invest in professional graphic design for your business

It’s so often the case when money is tight and cuts are required, particularly within small businesses, it’s usually the creative budget that suffers the most. Unlike activities such as customer acquisition, it can be more difficult to measure the direct impact that design has on the bottom line. However, with design influencing how a consumer interacts with a brand and its perceived image, it can ultimately have a considerable impact on the figures reported in the boardroom. 

So, why should you invest in professional graphic design for your business? 

1.   Good design creates a memorable brand 

McDonald’s. Starbucks. Apple. Think of any large brand and chances are you’ll immediately be able to visualise their branding. Not only does having a strong visual brand allow you to convey your message and connect with the consumer, it also leaves a lasting impression. Investing in professional graphic design to create a strong and consistent brand is one of the key areas you should consider to build brand recognition and awareness. 

2. Good design sets you apart from your competitors 

Have you ever been drawn to a particular product on a shelf simply because it looks better than the others? The answer is most likely yes as, whether we realise or not, humans tend to gravitate towards objects they find more visually appealing. By investing in professional graphic design, this same principle can be applied to your business as a strong visual design can be the key to helping you stand out from your competitors. Another bonus is that by establishing a professional looking brand, your business will look more credible and reliable as a result. 

3. Good design can increase website conversions 

Studies have shown that visual appeal strongly influences consumer opinion, so if a potential customer finds your website unattractive or hard to navigate, chances are you’ll lose them. Professional graphic designers know all about the importance of user experience and how to effectively use colours, images, white space and graphics to lead consumers to conversion points on the website. The easier it is to find key information such as available and relevant products/services and prices, the longer the customer is likely to stay on a website gathering the information that will ultimately influence their buying decision. 

4. Good design creates a good first impression 

As the old cliché goes, you never get a second chance at a first impression. Much like meeting a new person for the first time, the initial interaction a visitor has with your brand on any level will set the tone for the rest of your business relationship, so it’s important to make it a good one. When potential customers are searching for a specific service, it takes them only 50 milliseconds to form an opinion on your website and brand. This means that if you don’t stand out or you stand out for all the wrong reasons, you’re likely to lose those customers. A good graphic designer will be able to create consistent, credible and noteworthy design that can be implemented across your entire range so when a prospective customer comes looking, they will be enticed and interested in your brand and product. 

5. Good design speaks a thousand words 

Social media is one of the most important marketing tools at any businesses disposal and if used correctly, it has the power to be a key source of web traffic. However social media comes hand in hand with graphic design and they should be used together to convey on-brand, informative, entertaining or educating posts that will appeal to your target audience. A professional graphic designer alongside a savvy digital marketer know how to create engaging content, that will instantly grab your audiences’ attention. 

If your business needs a hand with graphic design, get in touch with us for an informal chat about how we can create a buzz around your brand. 

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