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Video Production



Video content is now one of the most engaging forms of content you can use across your digital channels. Did you know, users spend an average of 88% more time on a website with video? Our in-house video production and editing team can help you to tell your brand story, from client testimonial videos to product launch & event videos. Harness the power of video marketing for your brand. Our videography team will take you through the entire process to develop your perfect video, from the initial idea concept and storyboarding to shooting and editing to create exciting video content with an impact. We can create a variety of video styles to meet your unique needs, including;

  • Explainer/educational videos
  • Interview videos
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Product videos
  • Brand story videos
  • Behind the scenes footage
  • Animated videos
  • Video for use on TV and online advertising


Audio Podcasting

Podcasting isn’t dead, it was just waiting for technology to catch up!

Podcast consumption is on the increase, and it’s proving to be a very effective channel to reach your audience. In particular, it can be an incredibly valuable channel for reaching a niche market.

Podcasts can be in a variety of formats, the Social Media Podcast is a discussion format however clients are experiencing significant success by using podcasts to demonstrate their expertise in their particular topic – something the medium is ideally suited to. On many occasions, we find people can express their expertise and passion orally much better than they can in the written word.

Why are podcasters enjoying this success?

Back in 2006 when fatBuzz started producing podcasts it was a multi-step process to actually consume podcast content. You had to download the podcast episodes to a media player on your computer, plug your mp3 player into the computer and download the latest episodes then you could listen to them, normally through ear buds or headphones.

Now, you can subscribe, download and consume the latest episodes of a podcast directly to your smartphone. Subscribers are notified when a new podcast is published, making it a very useful form of communicating your content to your audience.

Moreover, it is much easier to consume podcasts and listen to them when you have the time to do so – while you’re driving, out a walk or cooking. If, like many organisations, you’re finding it increasingly difficult to extend the reach of your content you should take a closer look at podcasting; it’s certainly not dead, it was just waiting for technology to catch up!

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