Planned Support

Planned Support
Invariably, the time that you should be most active with your social media channels coincides with the time you are busiest.  This is particularly the case with event organisers; the time they should be maximising the impact of their event is exactly the same time as they are fully occupied in the running of the event.

For this reason, we have set up the fatBuzz Hit Squad, a special service that basically manages your own social media channels for a limited period while you concentrate on the smooth running of the event.

The fatBuzz Hit Squad provides you with experienced social media operatives who can ensure your event gets maximum exposure, and that every opportunity to engage is exploited as and when it needs to happen.

The fatBuzz Hit Squad can be engaged for as little as half a day, but in certain circumstances we are engaged for up to 12 weeks – whatever it takes to ensure you get the maximum return on your event, we are able to offer it.

Crisis Management
Planned activity is always preferable, however unforeseen events will occur, especially on public platforms.  Often, it is the way these are managed at the outset that will determine the outcome.

fatBuzz help organisations to develop crisis plans, we look at potential situations and train your personnel on the best way to deal with them if they happen.  This pre-planning has helped many organisations avoid potentially damaging issues and defuse difficult situations with the minimum of damage.

Of course, not everything is foreseeable, fatBuzz are always on hand for clients to help them in difficult situations.  We provide you with a dedicated email address which alerts several key people in our organisation simultaneously, ensuring you can contact us at any time of the day.

If you would like to arrange a coffee and a chat about Planned Support, please give us a call on 0141 427 0727, or drop us an email at We'd be delighted to hear from you and happy to chat you through the fatBuzz approach.

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