Strategy & Policy Development

You can have the best presented online presence and coverage on every social media channel, but without a clearly defined strategy you will not succeed.

All too often we see organisations jumping onto social media and failing because they haven’t really developed a plan, or identified what they want to achieve.  Likewise, they very often have no way to measure their success – or failure!

Basically, social media is not about any one tool, it’s about the act of becoming sociable.

But, there are many ways you can utilise digital tools to achieve many different outcomes.  Social media can be used for raising awareness, influence marketing, customer service, utility marketing, improving existing services, reducing existing costs… the list goes on and on.  At fatBuzz, we explore the challenges you have in your business and we look at how digital marketing can be used to address these issues.

We also believe in the adoption of a digital approach across the whole business, so where can your offline activities be massively more powerful and effective by adopting a digital approach?  You would be surprised at how many opportunities your currently missing, even with the things you’re already doing, online and offline.

The first thing we do after any engagement with a new client is to explore what the business really needs.  Where does it hurt?  And, how can a digital approach assist you in the future.  What type of marketing is going to be most effective for your business?  Only after we’ve asked and answered these questions can we really make a difference to your business.

It is vital that you establish a good digital media policy, especially if you’re empowering personnel to act for you online.  How can you expect your people to always do the right thing if you haven’t told them what is expected of them?

It’s not only about avoiding mistakes, by clearly expressing your policy and your aims, you can get your team to ‘buy in’ to the strategy.  fatBuzz is experienced at developing digital media policies and helping you to present them to the key personnel in your business.

If you would like to arrange a coffee and a chat about Strategy & Policy Development, please give us a call on 0141 427 0727, or drop us an email at We'd be delighted to hear from you and happy to chat you through the fatBuzz approach.

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