Is Facebook losing the teen battle to Twitter? And Gordon sleeps with Pamela Anderson!

Social Media Podcast No.59 has a fairly full team in attendance; Gordon White is joined by Kyle Murdoch, Cameron WilsonGraeme Geddes and Joanna Robb from fatBuzz.

It’s been a while since the last podcast and, as we explain in the podcast, we’ve been extremely busy on client work.  In fact, we share with you some of the work we’ve been doing and some of the new clients we’ve won recently.

We also introduce the newest member of the fatBuzz team, Cameron Wilson who joins in on the podcast for the first time. And, Graeme Geddes got married since the last edition so we wish him and Lesley well as they start married life together.

As usual we cover lots of topics in no particular order with some light hearted banter along the way. Here are some of the things we discuss in the podcast starting with everyone’s favourite example from the recent Social Media Winners & Losers New Media Breakfast presentation:

    • Social Media Winners and Losers staff choices

KyleASOS #denimpairs promotion Visit ASOSLive on uStream…
CameronDove’s Real Beauty Sketches  More Info… (Video available below)
GraemeGavin Barwell learns some ‘add sense’ Read Guardian article…
JoannaGirl quits job to make her point about content Watch the video…
GordonThe Instagram Hotel and “Selfie” revolution Read article…

    • Gordon recounts when he slept with Pamela Anderson!
    • Hahtags and how they can play a part in extending your campaigns
    • Twitter is bigger than Facebook for teens?  Is it true?
    • Creative inspiration from STA Travel Go to STA Travel’s blog
    • Meilee Anderson enjoys success through great content and engagement Visit page…
    • Facebook Promoted Posts, are they working for you?
    • 3 in 10 Americans get their news on Facebook but are they looking for News?
    • Merging Facebook Pages – some useful advice
    • Social Media Audits – do you know what assets you’ve got?
    • Some recent fatBuzz projects and some new clients

– The Governor of Punjab’s new web site Visit site…
– Dean’s Shortbread get a new web site and eCommerce store
– Camargue Group Visit web site…
– Zen Lifestyle – Visit web site…

  • Video is getting more popular – have you considered using it yet?
  • Podcasting is gaining in popularity – don’t overlook it for getting your message out


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Watch the Dove Beauty Sketches video here

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