Is it time to look at alternative platforms? And, that dress! All on Social Media Podcast 71

In Social Media Podcast 71, Gordon White is back and is alongside two of the fatBuzz account managers, Liam Cutkelvin and Cameron Wilson, for more discussion around the latest news and topics in social media.

In this extended episode we discuss if small businesses should use alternative social media sites and apps to promote themselves online, or should they accept that current platforms are the best way forward?

Once again we go through the latest and most intriguing news that is happening within the world of social media including Twitter analytics, how Facebook are changing the way likes are counted on pages, and we share our thoughts on the the latest viral sensation…the dress!

We also have an interview with Tim Barlow from Attacat following the New Media Breakfast earlier this month, he talks with us about utility marketing.

Here are the main topics and links relating to them from this episode:

  • 01.03 – The dress – We discuss what we think of this viral sensation that swept across social media, and also what colour we reckon it was! Further reading… 
  • 10.30 – Twitter have started producing analytics for tweets – How will this affect users and how they tweet? – Further reading…
  • 29:25 – Facebook is changing how it counts likes – Are the changes enough? Should people place such importance into the number? – Further reading…
  • 39:17 – Main Discussion – Should small business change to alternative social media platforms? – Is there room for any more platforms? – Further reading…
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  • Ello
  • Procurious
  • Malzee
  • 1:11 – Tim Barlow NMB Interview – Tim speaks with Gordon about utility marketing following the New Media Breakfast earlier this month – Full presentation notes can be found here

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