Social media is one of the biggest marketing tools an organisation can adopt, with many companies basing their entire marketing strategy around social media activity. 


In the U.K over 40 million people use Facebook and, globally, Facebook has over 60 million active business pages. It is crucial, then, for businesses to develop an online presence. A strong social media presence is attractive to customers and it helps distinguish a company as trustworthy. This is vital, especially for smaller companies hoping to build a customer base. 


This social media marketing training course covers all the basics of the most popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It will help you understand how social media can boost your business’s online presence, reach and attract new customers, and communicate with your customer base directly through news and offers. 



This social media marketing training course is aimed at those with little or no prior experience in digital business and marketing and who wish to develop their knowledge of social media and how best to use it to market their business. This includes training providers who deliver face-to-face training in digital skills and wish to offer a blended programme; individuals who wish to upskill and develop their social media techniques, and businesses who wish to increase social media skills in-house. 


  • Beginners. 
  • Digital marketers who want to develop their skills. 
  • Staff training and development. 
  • Business owners and freelancers who want to expose themselves to more clients. 
  • Employees who use social media in the workplace. 
  • Individuals and businesses who want to drive more traffic to their website or blog. 
  • People who want to boost their existing social media marketing skills. 




The course includes eight bitesize modules which cover all the basics of social media marketing: 


  • Introduction to Facebook for Business 
  • Introduction to Twitter for Business 
  • Introduction to Instagram for Business 
  • Types of content that works best on each platform 
  • Introduction to Social Media Management Tools 
  • Implementing a Facebook campaign for your business 
  • Implementing a Twitter campaign for your business 
  • Implementing a Instagram campaign for your business 




Half day  



£95 +VAT per person 


Discounts available for 4+ people attending the same training session.  Email for information 

October 22 @ 13:00
13:00 — 16:00 (3h)

fatBuzz office

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